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Vaping Presentation

Last week the Turtle Lake School hosted a Vaping information meeting for the community.  Northlakes Community Clinic Recovery Team and the Barron County Sheriff’s Department presented information with a follow-up discussion.  The Barron County Health and Human Services provided examples of cleaver devices that students use to cover or hide their vaping.  Some facts are presented are listed below.
• Barron County students vaping
42% of seniors
19% of juniors
12% of sophomores
9% of freshman
• Barron County students that have tried it
71% of seniors
46% of juniors
31% of sophomores
26% of freshman
15% of 8th graders have tried vaping.
• The vapor comes in fruity flavors and smells similar to scented candy, gum, candles, lotion, etc.
• The liquid used to vape contains nicotine, cancer causing chemicals, heavy metals like nickel, tin and lead and ultrafine particles that can be inhaled deep into the lungs.
• JUUL is a form of vaping that has been around since 2015.  Wisconsin recently joined a lawsuit against JUUL for marketing to kids.
• One JUUL contains 20 cigarettes and students are inhaling 1-3 JUULs a day.
How to spot it?
• If their room smells artificially sweet don’t assume it is a candle.
• Nosebleeds are common among JUUL users
• Many vapors report increased thirst.
• There is often a heightened caffeine sensitivity.
• There is a drastic change in mood or behavior.
A starter kit with everything needed to vape can be purchased for only $16.  Many of these products are purchased online.  Kids can easily bypass the age gates on the web and have a 94% success rate.  Some clerks at convenience stores do not enforce the federal law to not sell to anyone under 21 years old.  Vaping is becoming an epidemic in the US and we all have to do our part to prevent it from spreading in our homes and school.

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