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James Pharmacy – Turtle Lake Announces Coronavirus Protocols

Effective Thursday, March 26, James Pharmacy in downtown Turtle Lake, began implementing new protocols to reduce the risk of exposure to the coronavirus to their customers and employees. These steps are to ensure their ability to remain open to serve the community’s health care needs:
1) Customer access to the pharmacy interior will be temporarily closed. The pharmacy will offer curbside service (think old-time car hops). Please contact the pharmacy well in advance via phone, fax, or email with your list of medications and/or OTC items, and we will have your items ready to bring out to you when you get there. Please call the pharmacy upon your arrival, and someone from our staff will bring out your order.
2) Unfortunately, we will need to collect payments for the products in order to stay open. However, we do not want our staff to be handling cash, or credit cards at the point of sale due to potential increased risk of exposure. The pharmacy requests that you make arrangements in advance to use credit/debit card numbers without actually handing the card or write a check for the amount owed. If this is not an acceptable alternative, please speak with a pharmacy representative about alternative payment methods.
3) Pharmacy staff encourages the use of mail-out service whenever possible. All mail-outs will need a credit card on file before products will be mailed. Once again, we need to limit exposure/risk of our employees, so anyone utilizing these services needs to contact the pharmacy to make payment arrangements.
4) We request your assistance in managing our phone volumes. Better ways to reach the pharmacy are by email or fax. This allows the pharmacy staff to focus on filling prescriptions, and your order drops right into the pharmacy workflow.
We wish to thank everyone for their efforts in helping us to continue to provide for your communities. We all need to work together to get through these trying times. Rest assured that our pharmacists and technicians at the pharmacy have your best interests in mind.

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