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No New Cases In Barron and Polk Counties

On Thursday, April 16, Governor Evers extended the Safer At Home Order until May 26, keeping schools and many businesses closed.
“We know people have questions about this, said Laura Sauve, Health Officer for Barron County. “We are working on getting more clarification about what this will mean for our communities. We will share as we learn more.”
To date, Barron County has had a total of six positive cases of COVID-19. Five of the six positive cases are now symptom free and have been released from isolation. There are no new cases to report at this time.
In Polk County there have been four positive cases with three of them recovered. Currently 39 are being monitored and 186 test have had a negative result.
The State and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) set guidelines on when a person who tests positive for COVID-19 can be released from isolation. In order to be released three things must happened:
1) It must be at least 7 days since the symptoms started, and
2) They must be free of fever without using fever reducing medications for 3 days (72 hours), and
3) Symptoms of acute illness, such as cough or fatigue, must be improving.
All five Barron County individuals released from isolation have met these requirements.
Testing for COVID-19 is still limited. It is very important that anyone with symptoms of illness to stay home and stay away from others.
“The state is working hard to increase testing abilities but until then, we ask everyone to say home as soon they start to feel ill,” added Sauve. “Stay away from other members in your home as much as possible and avoid common areas.”
Barron and Polk County Public Health Departments continue to work with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, local healthcare providers and Barron County Emergency Management to limit the spread of COVID-19 in our communities.

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