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WIAA votes to cancel 2020 spring sports and tournaments

The WIAA Board of Control has voted to cancel 2020 the regular season and tournaments. However, in efforts to provide an opportunity for spring teams to practice and compete, the Board also granted 30 days for practice and competition over the summer to include seniors.
Acclimatization rules must still be followed and contact must follow the governor’s orders. With the current order in place, no interscholastic athletics may take place until after June 30.
Spring sport coaches can continue with virtual coaching until the conclusion of the respective state tournament’s initially scheduled dates.
Last week, the UW-Madison announced it extended the cancellation of campus events through June 30, 2020, which eliminates the possibility of conducting the WIAA State Tournaments scheduled at campus venues this spring. Those events impacted were Boys Individual and Team Tennis Tournaments scheduled at Nielsen Tennis Stadium on June 4-6 and June 12-13, respectively; the State Boys Golf Championship at University Ridge on June 15-16; and the State Softball Tournament at Goodman Diamond on June 11-13.
The Stay at Home order and the closure of schools are in response to the information available regarding COVID-19 and efforts to prevent the spread of the disease.

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