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Challenge To Staff Leads To Unique Decor

“Can you check the ceiling for a plumber,” or “Hey. Do you have an electrician on your ceiling?”, are just a couple of examples of questions that have been posed by patrons at a century-old Village of Turtle Lake business.
If you walk into just about any small-town tavern, celebrating their 100th birthday this year, they will more than likely resemble one another in some subtle ways. In Turtle Lake the Hotel Bar and Grill would fall into that category – except for one unique decor change.
“In 2009, I looked into replacing the ceiling tiles at the Hotel Bar and Grill,” said owner Jenny Swenson. “I wanted square tiles, preferably copper in color, which would have looked more period appropriate than the 2 x 4 white tiles in place. But, between the high material cost, and my husband’s reluctance to replace all the track, I needed a better plan.” SEE COMPLETE STORY IN THE TIMES OR READ ONLINE WITH PAID SUBSCRIPTION.

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