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Tax Payment Deadline Approaching

Barron County Treasurer Yvonne Ritchie reminds everyone real estate and personal property taxes are due to your town, village or city treasurer by January 31, 2021 to avoid interest and penalty charges.
Electronic payments must be made to the municipality where your property is located. Not all municipalities accept electronic payments (credit cards & e-checks) so you may have to pay by check. You can check with your municipal treasurer to confirm your payment was received.
Upcoming also is the deadline to file for the Lottery and Gaming Credit. The lottery credit is reflected on your 2020 real estate tax statement. In order to qualify for the lottery credit, you must be the owner of a home in Wisconsin that was your primary residence on January 1, 2020. Only one primary residence may be claimed. Renters do not qualify. If you did not receive the credit, but feel you may be eligible for it, you can apply for the credit with your town, city or village treasurer. The application form must be signed and returned to your local treasurer by January 31, 2021.

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