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After More Than A Year Homeowner Is Told No Tax Rebates Are Available

It’s been more than a year now since a housing tax rebate incentive program had been officially approved by the Turtle Lake Village Board, and one resident who was looking to qualify for the rebates has now found out he will lose out on more than $3,000 in tax rebates over the next three years. In an attempt to promote new housing construction in the Heron’s Landing Development on the northeast side of Turtle Lake, Administrator Scott Hildebrand proposed a tax rebate incentive program to the Village Board at the 2019 December meeting. Following discussion of the program, which was a proposed 5-year plan that the board narrowed down to a 3-year plan, the board unanimously passed the resolution. According to the plan applications for the tax rebates were to be made during an application period to the Village Administrator. Upon approval of such application by the Village Administrator, the Village and the qualified resident would have entered into a rebate agreement. At the end of the application period the Village was to review the plan and determine its continuation. If the plan was discontinued or modified for subsequent years, those residents approved were to continue receiving rebate payments specified in the rebate agreement for the full term of the rebate period, provided the conditions of the plan continued to be met. SEE COMPLETE STORY IN THE TIMES OR READ ONLINE WITH PAID SUBSCRIPTION.

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