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Junk Vehicle Ordinance Enforcement To Begin In May

The Turtle Lake Police Department would like to remind Turtle Lake and Almena residents junk and-or unregistered vehicles need to be taken care of or face a municipal fine. Over the winter months both Turtle Lake and Almena villages have seen several vehicles that are in violation of their ordinances. This includes expired or non-registered vehicles, inoperable or junk vehicles. Inoperable mean the vehicle has not moved more than 14 days from one spot. Vehicles that don’t meet the ordinance must be stored inside a building or moved out of the village. As in the past owners are allowed to use store bought vehicle covers (no tarps), however, it is only allowed if there are no complaints from residents of the vehicle being stored outside. This year the Turtle Lake Police Department will begin enforcing the ordinance after May 7, 2021. The fine is $200.00 a day for the ordinance violation.

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