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Still Looking For Vintage Photos

The Turtle Lake Museum recently received a vintage road grader from former Turtle Lake residents Jeff and Kerry Almen.  The grader dates back to the 1920s and 1930s. It was originally pulled by horses and was used to level / grade the gravel roads and ditches in the spring and summer to keep roads passable.  The blade could be raised and lowered or turned to different angles by the large wheels on top.  The operator stood on a platform at the rear and controlled the blade and the horses that pulled it.   Later they were pulled by tractors.  This grader was used in the Turtle Lake area.  Eventually they were replace by motorized versions of the same thing. The museum couldn’t have acquired it without the help of Bruce Davis of Davis Auto Body who was kind enough to volunteer his time and equipment to pick it up and deliver it to the Museum. The Grader / Ditcher will be available for viewing when the Museum opens again for the summer in June 2022. The top picture shows Art Glaubitz with a team of horses pulling what appears to be the same type of grader. The GTLAA is still looking for old photos.  Some have been received but more are needed, especially old Turtle Lake town and farming photos.  If anyone has old photos or negatives and wants them included in the upcoming history book, now is the time to get them in as time is coming to an end to include them in the book.  They can be scanned so you can have the originals back. Please contact Dave Skrupky ( or Dave Slack ( to scan your history photo.

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