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A friend of yours paid us to place these pink darlings in your yard.  The Turtle Lake High School Post Prom committee is conducting a fundraiser for the 2024 Prom Lock in.  It is called “You’ve Been Flocked”. This flocking is done in good spirits and is not intended to be mean. These flamingos will roost in your yard for three days when they will mysteriously migrate to another friend’s (victim’s) yard. Participants can specify the next victim. All that is asked is a small fee to the Post Prom Committe.  If you would not like to see these majestic creatures come back a flocking insurance policy is available. Flamingos are not allowed to be flocked on public property, apartment complexes or outside the Turtle Lake School District. For those interested in participating in this fundraising event please contact Bridget Bader at

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