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Turtle Lake Roundhouse Mystery Information Sought

We have a mystery that we have been trying to solve.  The Tribute to the Time history book contains a photo of a railroad roundhouse identified as being in Turtle Lake.  There is also a plat map that shows its location.  It would have been where the Turtleback apartments are now located on Martin Avenue.  However, further investigation shows no remains of a roundhouse foundation.  In talking to a number of longtime residents no one remembers a roundhouse or the remains of one. Could it be the photo is from somewhere else and that the map shows a planned roundhouse that never was built. The closest roundhouse known of is in Spooner.  One person’s relatives who worked from the railroad said that they would ride the train north to Spooner then went onto their turntable and where it rotated so that it faced back south for its return trip. If anyone has any recollection or information in regards to a Turtle Lake roundhouse, or possible remains of one, please send your information to or Dave Skrupky at dskrupky@

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