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Perseverance Awards

The following Turtle Lake elementary students were acknowledged by their teachers for demonstrating Perseverance for the month of January.  Perseverance is defined as, “pushing yourself to work through challenges and obstacles.” Front row, left to right: Phoenix Gilpin, Hugh Heaney, Rose Albano, Cameron Klingelhoets, Silas Madsen, Halie Lederhaus-Bates. Row two: Joshua Pippenger, Elliot Kahl, Declan Burgus, Grace White, Dexter Marlowe, Stella Olson, Tate Nyhus, Emma Armstrong, Kiley Mordan. Back row: Isaac Molls, Chester Scheps, Ivy Greim, Bella Strenke, Maddie Derosier, Yesi Lowe, Paige Schallock, Jordan Gaede, Linkyn Russell, Celia Carter-Thompson, Levi Blindt, Xavior Vaughn. Missing from the picture: Emma Johnson.

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