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Cumberland man charged following search warrant execution

On Friday, March 6 Cumberland police officers executed a search warrant at a Western Avenue residence in Cumberland known to have an individual, Cameron D. Lynn, age 24, residing there. The residence is located less than 1000 feet from the Cumberland Elementary School.
Upon entry to the residence officers made contact with an individual who explained he lived in a 2nd story room and does smoke marijuana occasionally. Officers searched the room and found what subsequently tested positive for methamphetamine.
In the basement the officers searched a room whose occupants were not present at the time of the search. In the room officers found multiple smoking devices that test positive for the presence of THC. They also found a small bag of marijuana.
The following day one of the officers interviewed a female who was not present for the search. She told the officer she shared the room with a male whom she was engaged to. She said her fiancé and Lynn would smoke marijuana regularly and she obtained all of her marijuana from Lynn. She added Lynn sold marijuana to other people and he would get his supply from another male who resides in Cumberland.
The female’s fiancé told officers a lot of shady people would come and go from the house. He confirmed Lynn would sell marijuana from out of the house but he did not know who he got his supply from.
During a search of a room thought to belong to Lynn officers found a bag of marijuana that weighed 50g and 13g in another bag. Also discovered was a black grinder with a green substance that tested positive for the presence of THC. Officers also found a prescription bottle that contained a pill known as ecstasy or MDMA.
Lynn was charged with possess with intent to deliver/distribute a controlled subtance on or near a school, possession of drug paraphernalia, possess amphetamine/LSD/ Psicolin, and maintaining a drug trafficking place near a school.

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