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Garden Club News

The Turtle Lake Garden Club recently spent an afternoon sprucing up the downtown by replacing the dead flowers with winter interest in all of the downtown planters. The members collected most of the materials themselves, by roaming around outside in nature. Then a little store bought bling was added, for a pop of color. The evergreens used were a mix of Spruce, Cedar, Jack Pine and White Pine. Each planter is slightly different, with a general theme in mind. The TLGC also donated $300 to the Food Pantry Building Fund in November. The Garden Club usually gets it’s donation funds from the Spring Plant Sale, along with various grants. This year the plant sale didn’t happen, but the club did a fall bulb sale during the Children’s Business Fair. The TLGC chooses local ventures like the Library, First Responders, Growing Wishes Greenhouse, etc. to donate to each year. With any luck the spring Plant Sale 2021 will be a big hit.

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